March 27, 2014 Established Swiss Design Company Dotzauer Visited Our Company

On March 27, 2014, the Swiss DOTZAUER DESIGN PVC flooring design company visited our company and factory. Accompanied by director Mr. Zhang Hailin, Mr. Dotzauer walked into our production line, viewed samples, raw material storage warehouse, etc. Our production department introduced the equipment configuration parameters and equipment production capacity. Mr. Dotzauer gave our products and production capacity positive feedback. This visit has laid foundation for positive cooperation between both parties in the future.

Senior Designer Mr. Jianwei Wang has joined Yunjia as Design Director!

Mr. Jianwei Wang has officially joined Yunjia in R&D team in August, 2015. Wang Jianwei started his design, cylinder R&D and Production since ten years ago. He has solid knowledge and deep insight of market trends evolvement of PVC films. Dedicated in pattern designs, development in this segment, Jianwei Wang has provided over a thousand sets of PVC film catalog and provides customers with their product portfolio design as well. Some of the designs released in the market by him are also leading the trend as well.