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You might be asking, why Yunjia Decor? Reality is Yunjia Decor was formed just to provide exceptional products and services. Our professional management and staff have witnessed a phenomenal progress in a very short time. With an excellent reputation, we now cater to partners and agents.

Yunjia Decor is China's premium PVC film manufacturer, located in Qinshan Lake Industrial District of Lin'an City. Our hallmarks are quality, competitive prices and reliable deliveries. We take custom orders and build relationships with agents and partners.


So, here's what else is in store for you. We equipped our 15,000 m2 factory floor with premium PVC printers imported from Taiwan. So you’ll be glad to know, our multilingual staff is trained to approach your needs and requirements professionally.

We use international expertise and ISO 9001 as baseline for our quality system. Our quality assurance engineer controls the whole process, from selecting and testing input materials, supervising the manufacturing process as well as the final product. If you think it's nothing, think again.